Saturday, November 9, 2013

CrossCulture Workshop

This was in the main lobbey of Commundo Hotel in Stuttgart. The names of 22 current participants in CrossCultre program. ifa did another workshop before for the previous participant who already went back to their homeland.

Our workshop lasted 3 days, 23-25 of Nov and extra 2 days for optional 2-Days German intensive course.

I'm really late to write about it. I was busy and had absolutely no chance to write about it. Es tut mir leid :(

Soooooo we were 22 holders from:

Yemen: Mustafa and :P
Tunis: Olfa, Noura, Afifa and Abderrahman
Germany: Ronald and Pascle
Egypt: Mariam
Palestine: Hikmat
Bangladesh: Shah Imran & Morshedul (Rimon)
Kyrgyzstan: Dinara & Akram
Lybia: Mohammed
Kazachstan: Madina
Uzbekistan: Shahnoza & Elena
Jordan: Sarah
Malaysia: Ramze
Sudan: Mogtaba
Pakistan: Yonas

I don't think it's important to write the details of the workshop. I think many pictures will be enough to give an impression how it was, something like photo tour!!

During the workshop our trainer was Dr. Sara Binay. People from ifa's staff were there too, for sure.
Everyday program from 9:00 AM to 6:00  PM.. the First Day

Participants arriving
ifa put a cards for everyone 
Card has main info about all of us, like these two
Just before we start
and waiting..
Dr. Sarah Binary introduce herself
Then we started the program with Dr. Binay
First was the introduction activity, every two speak to each other
 Then each introduce the other for all
The participants
Time passes fast..
After lunch we did something about "Stereotyping", it was my favorite part in the whole workshop
Idea is to write what cross our mind when we hear each other countries name
So each country gets cards from all the participants
Imran is crazy about photography :)
Then we the participant/s comes from that country stand comment about what others wrote.
CrossCultre Program head Dr. Eva Sodek-Zecha & I ^^
Olfa from Tunis commenting about was written about her country
Younas from Pakistan
He was excited about Malala :P
Ramze from Malaysia, didn't like that many people wrote Mahathir Mohammed when they think about Malaysia.. interesting to hear why..!
Mohammed from Libya
You can read what people though about Yemen!
Sudan, Palestine & Pakistan
Libya, Malaysia
Jordan, Kyrgstan & Kazachstan
Germany & Egypt
Hungary & Bangladesh
Close look for Yemen cards :P
Last activity was to work as a team to create the house we'd love to live in!
Presenting the houses
Pascle (first from left) from Germany drew this...I liked it a lot
Boys house with bar & one girl hahahaha
Akram from Kyrgyzstan 

Imran from Bangladesh

In the Second Day, main activity was to make a poster about our home NGO and to introduce it in two minutes.. you wish! hahaha

My poster about Adalah for Rights and Freedoms 
My presentation..
Imran from Bangladesh brought some souvenirs about his NGO, Super idea!
Rimon from Bangladesh presentation 
Younis from Pakistan
Akram from Kyrgyzstan 
Ronald exhibition ^__^
No wounder, he's an Artist after all :)
I thought to buy one really... but how I'll have ship it to Aden? -_-
Elena from Uzbekistan and Abderrahman from Tunisia
Dinara from Kyrgyzstan 
Women Empowerment :)
Shanoza from Uzbekistan, creative poster design :)
Elena with her beautiful traditional hat
Pascle aus Deutschland
Olfa from Tunis
Then , in our way to ifa gallery in Stuttgart Center 
In the city center
Mustafa from....Yemen :D
VivVa people, Viva Freedom ^_^ in the city hall square (there was small protest there against Stuttgart 21)
Afifa & Noura from Tunisia
Nice picture :)
In the ifa gallery 
Current show is about Afro-Brasil
It tells the story of African in Brasil through pictures between 1869-2013
Then we had a dinner in a Vietnamese restaurant :)
We made a lot of noise there ^__^
It was GOOOOOOOOD lecker lecker 
Halllllllo ^__^

The last day came early.. I don't want to think how it's gonna be when I finish this internship!

We wrote letters to ourselves! we'll receive them in our home lands..
Coffee pause
Mustafa and Pascle
We had meeting with Dr. Buchwald from the Federal foreign office
I'll finish the post by random pictures:

Group picture for all the holders
Holders & ifa staff 
Mustafa & I gave this gift to ifa in name of Yemen, it's Mustafa idea & he brought it from Yemen with him :)
In the end ... our evaluation for the whole workshop :)


Dina Asab said...

waaaaaaaaaoooooo sooooo awesome dear friend interesting indeed

happy to see you in the pictures ^_^
looking nice

i liked it when some wrote what Yemen meant for them (THABET) what an example i'm sure you were more than perfect representer (y)

Thabet said...

Actually two of them wrote my name !! I was happily surprised :D